KISD Birthday Snack Guidelines
Pursuant to state law, KISD permits parents/guardians or grandparents to bring a birthday snack for their child’s birthday. The following guidelines apply to such snacks:

  • Birthday snacks will be distributed at the end of the lunch period, after students have had a nutritious meal as defined by the School Lunch Program and Texas Department of Agriculture.

  • Written consent from a parent/guardian must be obtained before a student will be permitted to have a birthday snack.

  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to obtain birthday snacks through the Klein Food Service Department. With advance notice, the Food Service Department will prepare cupcakes or cookies.

Any parent/guardian who provides a birthday snack from elsewhere must:

1. Provide a list of ingredients. In the case of commercially prepared food, the list on the product label will be acceptable.

2. All snacks must be wrapped and packaged in a disposable container. Schools will not be responsible for parents’ personal kitchen items.

3. All snacks must be delivered by the parent to the campus Food Service Department, where a written receipt for the item will be prepared. Children will not be permitted to carry snacks to school.

4. Snacks for individual consumption, such as bagels, muffins, cupcakes, etc., must be individually wrapped.

In keeping with the KISD wellness policy, parents are encouraged to provide a healthy treat for students, such as fresh fruit, yogurt, granola bars, etc.