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Brandi Collins Halverson - Grade 8 

Madison Edgar - Special Education E-mail 832-249-5684

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Klein's TXVSN Program
Texas Virtual School Network Program
Please call the Registrar to schedule an appointment to enroll a new student. Bring the following information with you:
  • Proof of residence: Current light, water, or gas bill with your name and service address, closing settlement statement, or a lease agreement signed by the lessee and lessor with the student listed as an occupant. (Telephone bills are not acceptable)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Copy of most recent report card, and TAKS or other standardized test scores
  • Name, address and phone number of the last school attended
  • Social Security Card
  • Parent/Guardian Driver's license
  • If your child is serviced under any special programs (i.e. Special Ed., ESL, GT/Honors) please inform the registrar and bring documentation to your enrollment appointment.

If you are moving out of the Doerre area, please notify the registrar at least 24 hours in advance.
The Guidance Counselor
  • counsels with students and parents regarding educational, social, or vocational concerns
  • counsels with students and parents regarding placement leads programs and counsels
  • students in skills needed to resist negative peer pressure
  • registers and assists new students with the adjustment to the campus
  • works with students on developing responsible behavior
  • assists with the district's standardized testing
  • conferences with parents and students regarding the transition to high school
  • acts as an educational liaison for referrals for special education testing
  • maintains student records

Promotion Requirements
To be promoted in grades 6 and 7, a student must attain an average of at least 70 in all core academic areas: language arts, (including reading improvement if required), mathematics (including math improvement if required), science and social studies. In addition, a student must have an overall average of 70 or above in all courses taken.

In addition to the academic requirements stated above, all 8th graders must also pass their STAAR Reading and Math tests to be promoted to grade 9. This new initiative is called the Texas Student Success Initiative (SSI).

Credit by Exam
Klein ISD students may attempt to earn credit by exam without prior classroom instruction. There is a new procedure and timeline for students attempting to accelerate K-8 courses. To apply for acceleration of K-8 courses, please review the FAQ document for the new dates, complete the application provided in the link and return the application to your child’s counselor. Testing will be held in a central location at the Klein Student Services Center.

The Test Dates and Registration Deadlines for 2016-2017:
Registration deadline for November 17, 2016, administration is October 7, 2016.
Registration deadline for February 21, 2017, administration is January 6, 2017.
Registration deadline for April 25, 2017, administration is March 24, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions-Intermediate Courses

Frequently Asked Questions-High School Credit Courses

Parent Application Link for K-8 Acceleration:

CBE Parents Registration Form

Registration Form for 9th-12th Grade CBE Courses Please complete the application in the link below and return to your child’s counselor.

CBE High School Registration Form

2016-2017 Course Selection
6th to 7th Grade Course Selection

7th to 8th Grade Course Selection

8th to 9th Grade Course Selection

5th to 6th Grade Transition

8th to 9th Grade Transition

The New KISD Graduation Plans
8th Grade Transition to  High School
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