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The clinic strives to promote good student health and facilitate the educational process. The following guidelines will be helpful in assisting your child to meet their health and learning goals.

***Immunization records and medical information for students can be emailed to
J. Scarnecchia over the summer***
Communicable Diseases:

*Conjunctivitis (pink eye) -  may return to school after prescription medication has been initiated. Doctor’s note is required.

*Fever-  student must go home if they have fever of 100.0 or higher.  THE STUDENT MAY RETURN TO SCHOOL WHEN THEY ARE FEVER FREE FOR 24 HOURS WITHOUT THE USE OF TYLENOL OR IBUPROFEN.

*Head Lice-  may return to school after one medicated shampoo or lotion treatment has been given.  Student must be cleared by the clinic before returning to class

*Strep Throat-  may return to school after they have been on antibiotic treatment for at least 24 hours and     fever free for 24 hours.

*Flu-  may return after fever free x 24 hours without use of Tylenol or ibuprofen.

Medication Policies
When administering prescription medicines, the school district would prefer to have a written statement from a physician or dentist licensed to practice in the United States. Information, however, placed on a prescription label, if it is precise and clear to the school nurse, may be substituted for the above-noted statement. The nurse may request a doctor's statement for certain prescription medications. The prescription must be filled by a pharmacist licensed to practice in the United States. If prescription medicine is required, it must be in its original container, kept in locked storage in the office of the school nurse, or principal's designee, and administered by the school nurse or a school employee. The school may accept a sufficient quantity of medicine for one month. Upon receipt, the medicine will be inventoried and discrepancies reported to parents. Only prescription medication needed for the student to remain in school will be administered. Non-prescription medications will only be administered for a period of two weeks with written parental permission. A physician's note will be required for any non-prescription medication needed for longer than two weeks. Due to the dangers of REYE's Syndrome, no aspirin or any salicylate containing product will be administered by the clinic staff, unless expressly ordered by your child's physician for a specific diagnosis. In addition, Klein ISD policy prohibits clinic staff from dispensing vitamins, health food, or herbal preparations.

• Jamie Scarnecchia, RN, BSN

• Kristen Grabein, Clinic Assistant
Important Forms

2015-2016 Immunization Requirements