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Department of State Health Services Immunization Requirements
Parents of incoming 7th grade students should send proof of immunizations via fax or drop off records at the school as soon as possible. Students will not receive a schedule or be allowed to attend class until proof of immunizations if provided to the cilnic. Records can be dropped off at the front office receptionist or our school fax number, 832-375-7598.

Please visit KISD's Health Services website to read more information regarding required immunizations for school-aged children.

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It Is Important That The Clinic Has Current And Up To Date

Phone Numbers At All Times

Prescription Medications:

  • All medications must be in the original container from the pharmacy, properly labeled with the student’s name, name of medication and proper dosage.

  • A parent or guardian must pick-up and deliver all prescription medications to the clinic.  

  • A Medication Authorization form must be signed by the parent in order for medication to be given at school.  Medications must be kept in the clinic in the original container with a complete prescription label.  When a dosage change is necessary, the request must come from the physician, as well as the parent.  

  • If your child is going to carry an inhaler, they MUST have written permission from their physician and parent.  Signed permission form must be on file in the clinic.   The inhaler itself must have a complete prescription label, not just the box.  The inhaler must be kept on the child at all times.  The inhaler is not to be left in the PE locker or student locker.

Over The Counter Medications:

  • Students may bring non-prescription medication to the clinic in the original, unopened container with a signed Medication Authorization form or a dated/signed note from parent/guardian indicating the name of the medication and the quantity to be administered.

  • Over the counter medications must be dispensed in accordance with the labeling directions.  

  • The medication will be kept in the clinic.  

  • Over the counter medications will only be administered for a period of two weeks.  Medication required longer than two weeks must be accompanied by a Medication Authorization form signed by the student’s physician.

  • DO NOT send any medication in baggies.  DO NOT send a couple of pills with your child in their pocket.  Students who bring medication to school without written permission are subject to referral to Assistant Principal.

REMINDER: The school does not provide any medications for students.  All medication MUST be provided by the parent or guardian.

Required Immunizations

  • Student immunizations must be current in order for a student to attend classes.  While we make every attempt to notify you when an immunization is due, it is your responsibility to maintain accurate records of immunization.   If you receive written notification that your child needs a shot, please address it immediately so that your child’s education can proceed uninterrupted.

Communicable Diseases:

  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) -  may return to school after prescription medication has been initiated.

  • Fever-  student must go home if they have fever of 100.4 or higher.  THE STUDENT MAY RETURN TO SCHOOL WHEN THEY HAVE ARE FEVER FREE FOR 24 HOURS WITHOUT THE USE OF TYLENOL OR IBUPROFEN.

  • Head Lice-  may return to school after one medicated shampoo or lotion treatment has been given.  Proof of treatment must be provided to the School Nurse before returning to class.

  • Strep Throat-  may return to school after they have been on antibiotic treatment for at least 24 hours and fever free.

Health History

  • Please notify the health clinic of any significant allergies and/or illnesses.

  • Please make sure your student is aware of health issues and informs the clinic if they should visit us.  With the large number of students at the middle school level we cannot remember each student and their health issues.  

  • Please encourage your child to speak up and inform the nurse staff when there is a problem.

We will be happy to keep extra contacts, contact solution, toothbrushes and wax for braces in the clinic.  Please make sure they are labeled and in a container.  

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