What does an Ulrich Counselor do?
  • counsels with students and parents regarding educational, social, or vocational concerns
  • counsels with students and parents regarding placement
  • leads programs and counsels students in skills needed to resist negative peer pressure
  • registers and assists new students with the adjustment to the campus
  • works with students on developing responsible, prosocial behavior
  • assists with the district's standardized testing
  • conferences with parents and students regarding the transition to high school
  • acts as an educational liaison for referrals for special education testing &/or Section 504
  • maintains student records
  • Counseling activities focus on providing direction for:
    * Decision-making * Goal-setting * Social skills * Peer pressure * Conflict management * Parent education

Ulrich Counseling Department:
6th grade Counselor
Gladys Hollis

7th grade Counselor
Traci Hageland

8th grade Counselor

Ruth Brazile

6th & 8th Grade Case Manager
Kathleen (Kathy) Argueta

7th Grade Case Manager
Marenthia Nealy