Klein ISD Weather Update
Hello, sunshine! Road conditions are improving, so Klein ISD will be open Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018.

The current calendar allows for enough minutes to cover school cancellation on January 16. We are currently studying options for January 17. Stay tuned for updates in the coming days.
New Bell Schedule Starting 1-8-2017
Click here to see the new bell schedule starting 1-8-2018.

Semester Exams


All students must be present on the day of their exam. 
Exams are required as part of the semester average for high school level classes. 
Exams may not be made up without administrative approval.  
Exams are one-shot test.
 December 11th
 Art 1/ PHS / TSDE(Pt 1) 
 December 12th  PATH / Gateway to Technology
 December 13th  PIT (Pt 1) / DDMP (Pt 1) / Pro Comm (Pt 1)
 December 14th  PIT (Pt 2) / DDMP (Pt 2) / Pro Comm (Pt 2)
 December 15th  Geometry (Pt 1) /Alg 1 (Pt 1) /Spanish (Pt 1) /French (Pt 1) /German (Pt 1)
 December 18th  Geometry (Pt 2) /Alg 1 (Pt 2) /Spanish (Pt 2) /French (Pt 2) /German (Pt 2)

Ask Ms. Kompelien

If you have any questions on concerns,  please let Ms. Kompelien know by clicking the link.  

Vision Statement
“Whatever it takes – Promise2Purpose”

Contact Us
Front Desk: 832-375-7500  Fax: 832-375-7599

Promise to Purpose

STEM Endorsement - http://www.promise2purpose.net/stem-endorsement

Business & Industry Endorsement - http://www.promise2purpose.net/business-industry-endorsement

Public Service Endorsement - http://www.promise2purpose.net/public-services-endorsement

Art & Humanities Endorsement - http://www.promise2purpose.net/arts-humanities-endorsement

Multidisciplinary Studies Endorsement - http://www.promise2purpose.net/multidisciplinary-endorsement

Early Dismissals and Student Messages/Transportation Changes cannot be honored after 4:10 pm in order to safely and effectively close out the school day for our student population.  Thank you for your understanding and assistance in this matter.

Mission Statement:
Live every day with Bulldog P.R.I.D.E


Ulrich Intermediate School opened its doors on August 23, 2010. The school was named after the Ulrich family. The Ulrich family came to Texas in the early 1900s. Three brothers, Eric, Raymond and Herman, were born to August and Marie Ulrich. The youngest son, Herman purchased land across from the original homestead. This land was on the south side of Spring-Cypress and is now the site of present day Ulrich Intermediate. Herman married Tillie Hildebrandt and they had three children, Grace Ulrich Jones, Allen and Gladys Ulrich Krueger.