Kleb Intermediate School Vision

Kleb Intermediate will strive to establish an environment that celebrates all facets of diversity where everyone will be encouraged and engaged in the learning process. Through this, Kleb will be a place where life-long learners are created, and positive character traits are cultivated by supportive role models. We are a unified community of excellence devoted to capturing young hearts and challenging minds to be future-ready.

Kleb Intermediate School Faculty Collective Commitments

We have established these guiding principles as a basis for our values as teachers and professionals at Kleb Intermediate School. They are intended as a means for informal personal reflection and are not intended to be used in the formal evaluation process. They represent the vital adult behaviors that we have collectively committed to in an effort to achieve our school vision.

  1. We will model responsible and respectful behavior.
  2. We will communicate and collaborate effectively with our staff, students, parents, and community.
  3. We will serve all students in a safe, engaging, and enthusiastic environment.
  4. We will embrace cultural, social, and academic diversity in our classrooms.
  5. We will encourage students to be actively involved in their community.
  6. We will help students become resourceful thinkers who independently and creatively strive to solve complex problems through reflection, risk-taking and critical evaluation.
  7. We will encourage students through affirmations and constructive feedback.
  8. We will challenge students to become self-motivated learners and share their enthusiasm for learning in an atmosphere of high expectations.
  9. We will model the importance of life-long learning through ongoing professional development.
  10. We will never forget why we are here: our passion for teaching and dedication to creating future-ready members of society.