The NJHS faculty sponsor is Mr. Jeff Clary who is an 8th grade science teacher. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Email List

Calling all NJHS members and families! It is Mr. Clary's goal to send periodic email updates to the NJHS family. In order to help facilitate Mr. Clary achieving this goal, please drop him a note ( with your email address and member's name. We will be using the email addressed collected at induction along with any updates you send to get a working database of contacts.


2017 - 2018 Student Leadership

As many of you know, NJHS officer elections were held this morning for next year’s leadership team.  There were 24 fantastic candidates who represented themselves well with their speeches. 

A special congratulations to the following, newly elected officers:

Treasurer:  Fatima Rashid

Secretary:  Cecilia Nguyen

Second Vice President:  Stacey Brighton

First Vice President:  Avery Fuhr

President:  Neil Johnson 

Again, congratulations to all who ran! 

Strack looks forward to your leadership throughout the upcoming school year.


NJHS Bulletin Board

Just outside room 212, on the science hallway, is a bulletin board. NJHS members should check the board every week to see what is going on in the club. This is a great link to meeting reminders and service opportunities.


General Meetings
Meetings are scheduled for the first Friday of each month.  Please check back to this page as well as our bulletin board to see if any meeting date changes.  The meeting schedule for the 2016-17 school year is:

Wednesday, September 13 (make up for Hurricane Harvey cancellation):  first meeting of the year! 

Friday, September 29 (“October” meeting)

Friday, October 27 (“November” meeting)

Friday, December 8

Friday, January 19 (late due to winter break)

Friday, February 2

Friday, March 2

Friday, April 6

Friday, May 4 

Attendance is expected by all NJHS members. If a student is not able to attend one meeting, that member should notify Mr. Clary ( by email at least two days prior to the meeting.

General Membership meetings will begin at 8:15 am.

Officer Meetings
All meetings begin at 8:00 am and are held in the library. They will precede the general meetings.
Membership Requirements
Membership is based on high academic achievement and teacher recommendations. The induction for new members is usually held in April

7th and 8th grade students who have a 90 or above average will receive a letter in February. They will need to fill out a Student Activity form and return it to Mr. Clary in room 222. Those students who meet the deadline for returning the activity letter will then move on to the next phase. In the second phase the teachers evaluate the student in the four areas: citizenship, service, leadership, and character.
Service Requirements
Members are required to complete a MINIMUM of three hours of service a month. This is an average so it is acceptable to get service hours in a lump (ten hours one month will cover a member for three months). Many members complete a large portion of their service during the summer, please feel free to do so. However, completion of the minimum is not an excuse for not continuing service throughout the year.

Complete the service record form located here.

This past year, we went to the Houston Food Bank on two different occasions. While these trips did not give members enough hours for their total obligation, they were a fun way to complete a portion of the member's service for the year.